College of Architecture

College established in 1975
School in 1948, Department in 1908
Location: 245 Fourth Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0155
Phone: 404.894.3880
Fax: 404.894.2678

General Information

With its five schools and five research centers, the College of Architecture is well equipped to address the designed and built environment across a range of scales: from everyday objects to metropolitan regions. The schools—Architecture, Building Construction, Industrial Design, City and Regional Planning, and Music—offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, minors, certificates, and concentrations.

The original mission of the College, at its establishment as a Department of Architecture in 1908, was to prepare students for the professional practice of architecture. Over the past one-hundred years, the College has grown in response to changes in the professions and in society. The College is now a multidisciplinary venue for teaching, research, and service that engages multiple dimensions of the designed, built, and lived environment.

The current undergraduate and graduate programs—and the degrees they offer—are described in the catalog webpages under their respective schools.

All work produced in the College of Architecture as part of a degree program becomes the property of the College; it may be retained or returned at the discretion of the faculty. The faculty also reserves the right to refuse for credit any project executed outside the precincts of the College or otherwise produced without proper coordination with the faculty.