Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Notice: There have been changes to this program. The calculus prerequisite has been removed. The links below have also changed. Refer to the Scheller College of Business website at for current information. The 2016-2017 Catalog will be posted in May 2016 with current information.

The MBA Program at the Scheller College of Business provides a professional management education for students with baccalaureate degrees in any discipline. Calculus is the only prerequisite. The MBA is an innovative and rigorous program with a technical and quantitative instructional focus. Highly qualified candidates from all academic backgrounds enter the program, which is designed to foster teamwork and a closely knit class.

The MBA Program is offered in both full-time and evening formats. For the full-time program, entry is in the fall semester only. For the evening program, admission is offered in both fall and spring semesters. Excellence in management education has long been a hallmark of Georgia Tech. The Georgia Tech MBA helps students develop the skills they will need to effectively lead in the high-tech, global businesses of the twenty-first century, and the vision and ingenuity to become valued leaders in their fields. At Georgia Tech, MBA students are exposed to the social, environmental, political, and international factors shaping the global marketplace. Some of the primary advantages of the MBA program include a close community that promotes enriched student-faculty relationships; classmates with diverse educational and work experiences; small class sizes that foster group cooperation and a true understanding of the business environment; an innovative curriculum that keeps pace with the rapidly changing environment of technology and management; and a wide range of educational, social, and professional opportunities in the metro Atlanta area.

During the summer term between the first and second academic years, full-time MBA students work in summer internships with companies ranging from major employers to small entrepreneurial ventures. Summer internships enhance permanent employment opportunities.

The MBA program requires 54 hours; 21 semester hours are core classes. The core courses develop a common body of knowledge essential to all MBA students. The remainder of the curriculum consists of electives, which provide flexibility for students to build competence in one or more concentration areas. This freedom permits students to fashion a curriculum directed toward their own educational and career goals.

MBA elective areas include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology, international business, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, and strategic management.

MBA Curriculum requirements:

Hours Required: 54

Core - 21

MGT 6000 Financial & Managerial Accounting (LG) 3 hrs.
MGT 6504 Principles of Finance (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6502 Leading People and Organizations (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6503 Managing Information Resources (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6509 Legal & Ethical Considerations in Business (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6508 Strategic Management (LG) 3 hrs.
MGT 6507 Business Communications (PF) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6506 Managerial Economics (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6505 Marketing Management (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6501 Operations Management (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6500 Analytical Tools for Decisions (LG) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6510 Leadership Assessment Workshop (PF) 1.5 hrs.
MGT 6510P Leadership Assessment Preparation (NC)

Electives - 33 hrs

International Graduate Management Elective (LG) 3 hrs.
Experiential Graduate Management Elective (LG) 3 hrs.
Graduate Management Elective (LG) 24 hrs.
Graduate Management Elective (PF) 3 hrs.

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Link to FT MBA Viewbook (This links to the current viewbook. A new viewbook will be available in July, 2014.)

Link to Evening MBA Viewbook (This links to the current viewbook. A new viewbook will be available in July, 2014.)