Master of Science in Bioengineering

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) participates in the Bioengineering Program. This interdisciplinary graduate program offers advanced courses in bioengineering, engineering specialties, and life sciences combined with training in cutting-edge bioengineering research. Bioengineering research focuses on the development of new or improved physical and mathematical concepts and techniques that may be applied to problems in medicine and biology, including the fundamental study of biological phenomena and development of new medical devices.

The Bioengineering Program offers master's and doctoral degrees through participating Schools in the College of Engineering and the College of Computing. The curriculum involves engineering and life sciences coursework and provides flexibility to concentrate in specific areas to develop a multidisciplinary and integrated training. Interested applicants with a Civil and/or Environmental Engineering background apply for admission in the Bioengineering Program through CEE. Once admitted, students follow the Bioengineering Program's degree requirements and curriculum.

Additional information on the Bioengineering Program, including how to apply and a comparison between the Bioengineering Program and traditional engineering programs, can be found at