Master of Science in Digital Media

Program Description

The Digital Media graduate program at Georgia Tech provides students with a foundational, theoretical background in digital media and the opportunity to practice what is learned in the classroom through active participation in labs and research. MS DM students follow a studio-based curriculum that places digital design within technical, cultural, aesthetic, and historical contexts. The program has three core themes: Creativity & Knowledge, Arts & Entertainment, and Civic Media to prepare students for professional careers in digital media, including: interaction and information design, game design and production, interactive media design, as well as leadership positions in academia and industry.

The MS DM program accepts roughly 20-25 full-time students each fall term. MS DM students come from a range of educational backgrounds and have diverse intellectual and creative objectives. Many have work experience in a professional field. The program welcomes a socially diverse and international student body. For more information visit:

Program Requirements

MS in Digital Media
Curriculum and Course of Study

To graduate with the Master of Science in Digital Media, students must take a minimum of 36 credit hours while meeting the following requirements:

Required Coursework

5 required courses, totaling 15 hours:

Fall semester of first year
LMC 6310 The Computer as an Expressive Medium (3 credits)
LMC 6313 Principles of Interaction Design (3 credits)

Spring semester of first year
LMC 6399 Discovery and Invention in Digital Media (3 credits)

Fall and/or Spring
Two LMC 6650 Project Studios (each 3 credits; may be taken multiple times)
Students are invited to repeat the same Project studio for all four semesters of the program and to do their Masters Project/Thesis in a related area. Please note that all MS students are required to take two (2) sections of 6650, each for 3 units.

5 additional courses, totaling 15 hours
Students may choose from elective courses in DM or related disciplines, such as Architecture, Industrial Design, Cognitive Science, Computing, Management, or Policy Studies. If a student chooses to take more than three elective courses outside DM, the student must obtain approval from the DM Director of Graduate Studies.

6 hours of Master’s Project or Master’s Thesis
All students will take 6 credits of either Project (LMC 6800) or Thesis (LMC 7000) work.

Summer Internship
8-10 week full-time non-credit internship between the first and second year.


BS/MS Degree Program

Students who wish to pursue the BS/MS combination in LMC and DM must apply to the School after completing at least seventy-five hours of work toward an LMC degree that includes the Interaction Design thread. Applicants should have a 3.5 GPA.

Students admitted to the program will select the LMC 4400 seminar option and take a total of twelve hours of graduate coursework during their final undergraduate year. S ix hours of that work, in DM media courses, will replace the STAC free electives and will count for both undergraduate and graduate credit. During the summer term after their fourth year, students will participate in an approved internship program. During the fifth year, students will take a total of twenty-four hours, including either LM C 6800 (Project) or LM C 7000 (Thesis), and with no more than three courses taken outside the DM program.