Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Paper Science and Engineering

The Institute of Paper Science and Technology supports the Master's and PhD degree programs offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Paper Science and Engineering (PSE) graduate degree provides students with a multidisciplinary graduate education in the science and engineering involved in the production of paper, tissue, and other products from natural fiber and related industries. The processing and consolidation of natural fiber into a paper web involve complex chemical and mechanical processes. The advantages of a multidisciplinary approach in research and education supporting this field have long been recognized. The Georgia Tech PSE program integrates the former Institute of Paper Science and Technology's multidisciplinary graduate program with other science and engineering programs available at Georgia Tech.

The MS and PhD degrees in PSE are unique multidisciplinary degrees covering basic engineering and science disciplines involved in the production and consolidation of wood fiber products. Students are enrolled in the participating Georgia Tech school (referred to as the "home school") and, upon completion of degree requirements, the home school recommends the award of its MS or PhD degree with an emphasis in Paper Science and Engineering. Degrees are being offered by the Schools of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering.

The paper industry continues to evolve through considerable consolidation and reorganization, and the need for innovation in the science and engineering of pulp and paper technology from plant biology to chemical treatment and processes involved in paper production is greater than ever. The PSE's graduate degree programs provide research results and equips students with a unique set of skills to lead in this effort.

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