College of Sciences

College established in 1990
First Science Program in 1888
Location: 225 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30332-0365
Telephone: 404.894.3300
Fax: 404.894.7466

General Information

The College of Sciences comprises seven schools - Applied Physiology, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. All schools except Applied Physiology offer BS, MS, and PhD degree programs. Applied Physiology offers the MS degree in prosthetics and orthotics and the PhD degree in applied physiology. The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC), which works with K-12 schools and teachers in the state of Georgia to improve science and mathematics education, is also a unit of the College of Sciences.

The College of Sciences provides the courses in mathematics and the natural sciences that are necessary for all Tech undergraduates to acquire skills and basic principles for their majors. A detailed description of each degree program in the College of Sciences is located under the appropriate school heading, as are descriptions of the courses offered. The College of Sciences' courses required or recommended by degree programs in the other five colleges at Georgia Tech are listed under the curricula for those degrees.