Master of Science in Physics

The Master of Science in Physics degree requires 30 hours of physics course credit. These hours must include six hours of 8000 level Special Problems or Master's Practicum research (with a physics faculty member) and the following six graduate physics courses:

  1. PHYS 6101 Classical Mechanics I (3)
  2. PHYS 6103 Electromagnetism I (3)
  3. PHYS 6104 Electromagnetism II (3)
  4. PHYS 6105 Quantum Mechanics I (3)
  5. PHYS 6106 Quantum Mechanics II (3)
  6. PHYS 6107 Statistical Mechanics (3)

The remaining 6 credit hours may be earned from either: a) physics lecture courses at the 4000 level or higher; or b) graduate courses at the 6000 level or higher from a school other than physics.