Institute Rules for the Pass/Fail System

At the discretion of the major school, a student may receive up to a maximum of nine hours credit toward a bachelor's degree or 3 hours credit toward a graduate degree for courses taken under the pass/fail system with a grade of satisfactory. Such courses apply toward the degree requirements only if the major school has approved the course, either for all majors or for the individual student. The department or school offering a course determines the criteria for a passing grade and may restrict the pass/fail enrollment in any course it offers. The rules for withdrawal from graded courses apply to pass/fail courses as well.

Faculty will record only a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory for any student so designated on the official class roll; The deadline to change the grade mode from letter grade to pass/fail (and vice-versa) is the same day as the last day to withdraw from a course without penalty.

Neither the professor nor the registrar may change a pass/fail grade to a letter grade, nor may the registrar include courses taken pass/ fail in the calculation of grade-point averages.

Under certain circumstances, a change in degree requirements may affect a department's position on a course previously approved for degree credit under the pass/fail system. In such cases, the student's major school will decide if a course completed with a grade of pass before the change will fulfill the amended requirements.

Only students who complete ninety-one or more hours toward a degree at Georgia Tech may use the entire maximum of nine hours credit taken on pass/fail toward a bachelor's degree. For transfer students, second undergraduate degree students, and dual degree students, the number of hours completed at Georgia Tech determines the maximum number of pass/fail hours allowed, according to the following schedule:

Hours included in program of study Hours allowed on pass/fail basis
45 to 70 credit hours 3 credit hours
71 to 90 credit hours 6 credit hours
91 or more credit hours 9 credit hours