Master of Science in Architecture - Advanced Production

The Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Advanced Prodcution focuses on integrating advanced design, computation and manufacturing technologies into workflows for the production of experimental spatial systems, material assemblies and buildings. Coursework for this concentration incorporates emerging design technologies including robotics and automation, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SuAS; aka “Drones”), additive manufacturing (3d-printing), subtractive computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing processes, parametric modelling and production logistics. Graduates from this program will be prepared to leverage expertise in advanced digital design and production as consultants to or embedded within progressive architectural firms, digital manufacturing operations and advanced technology start-ups. Additionally, this concentration positions graduates to further pursue research through academic faculty positions or as potential PhD candidates.
Required Courses:
ARCH 8803Advanced Productions3
ARCH 6511Robotic Fabrication3
ARCH 6506Materials/Fabrications3
ARCH 6507Parametric Design3
ARCH 6502Design Scripting3
ARCH 6512Research Colloquium3
Arch Des & Res Studio I
Arch Des & Res Studio 2
Special Topics 1
Master's Thesis
Geometric Constructs
3D Modeling
Adv Modeling & Animation
Arch Modeling & Media 3
Analog-Digital Des Comp
Building Systems and Data
Total Credit Hours30

Independent Study focused on Advanced Productions guided by Faculty