XX. Student Academic Grievance Procedures

The procedures set forth here are intended to provide students at the Georgia Institute of Technology a means for setting forth grievances relating to academic matters, intellectual diversity, and grade disputes when the student believes that an instructor has acted unfairly or improperly in assignment of grades. It is not the intention of these procedures to provide a forum for questioning the judgment or grading policies of faculty. Student concerns may be discussed with the faculty member and/or reported to the school or unit head, the academic deans, of the Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

A. Applicability of the Grievance Procedures

  1. Subject Matter:
    These procedures apply to the review of grievances concerning academic matters and grade disputes. Grade appeals must be initiated by the grievant within their next enrolled term following the term of the course in question, and best efforts should be applied to resolve the appeal within that term.
  2. Grievant:
    These procedures shall be the appellate procedures for students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Students who have pursued a formal grievance procedure or who have pursued informally the resolution of a grievance in their own school, college, or unit and have had that appeal dismissed, may submit the grievance for review under these procedures.