VI. Scholastic Regulations

A. Classification of Students

  1. Undergraduate students, with the exception of non-degree-seeking students, shall be classified at the end of each term by the Office of the Registrar on the basis of the total number of semester credit hours for which they have credit in accordance with the following schedule:
    Freshman 0-29 credit hours
    Sophomore 30-59 credit hours
    Junior 60-89 credit hours
    Senior 90 + credit hours
  2. Graduate and special students who have completed all requirements for a particular classification as defined by their major department may request reclassification through their major department.
  3. Students scheduled for at least twelve credit hours in a semester are classified as full-time students; those scheduled for six-eleven hours are classified as part-time students; and those scheduled for one-five hours are classified as less-than-part-time students.