Master of Science in Architecture - Design Computation

The Master of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Design Computation explores the theoretical and practical basis of design as a computational premise. The possibility of design is viewed through the lens of history and theoretical foundations of fields as diverse as mathematics, logic, linguistics and cybernetics. The School of Architecture is one of the leading institutions in the study of Shape Grammars – an area of study that views architectural drawing as a formal logic of geometric shapes. The Shape Computation Lab within the School of Architecture is a leader in the theory of design computation as well as its applications to practice. Students graduating from this concentration are prepared to pursue a professional career in architecture or advanced studies and eventual academic careers at the intersection of the fields of design, computer science and mathematics.

Required Courses:
ARCH 6508Shape Grammars3
ARCH 6501Analog-Digital Des Comp3
ARCH 6513Building Systems & Data3
ARCH 6502Design Scripting3
ARCH 6210Architectonics3
ARCH 6512Research Colloquium3
Capstone: 6
Arch Des & Res Studio I
Arch Des & Res Studio 2
Special Topics 1
Master's Thesis
Comp Creativity Des Cogn
3D Modeling
Arch Modeling & Media 3
Analyt Invest Urb Design
Parametric Design
Geometric Constructs
Total Credit Hours30

Independent Study focused on Design Computation guided by Faculty